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Performance / Installation


Stone suit / Black light / Silver elastic bands

Variable dimensions

Bronx Art Space

Bronx / New York


EXTEROCEPTIVITY was presented at the Bronx Art Space during the Second Biennal of Bronx’s Latinamerican Arts.


In EXTEROCEPTIVITY I carried out an “installation performance”. That means I built a kind of pyramid, two metres long, at the corner of the room. The pyramid was made of silver elastics placed in parallel, separated 1 cm. one from another. I placed myself inside the pyramid, wearing a suit made of transparent acrylic stones and holding two tubes of UV ligth.


EXTEROCEPTIVITY represents a set of senses and perceptions from the outside, in opposition to the idea of perception from the own human body, perceptions that do not depend upon external facts.


I related this piece to the presence of a still body, linked to the necessity of the human being of belonging and staying in an place with identity. In a vertical position, translucent protected, and in a motionless state, the body becomes an object.

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