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Geometry is the main object of research in my artistic production. This research is divided in two lines of work: The first one refers to the analysis of shapes in order to highlight specific features of the exhibition space. The second one is the study of the body understood as a performance tool. In both lines I´m looking to focus my work on simple or pure geometry, to demonstrate in the experience, the ephemeral objectivity of artistic production.


Why to work with the space? because the space tells us much about us and our own time. Thus, in the empty space to be condensed the contradictions of our society, images and dreams. Why I work with my body and your body? because they exist in the space. From my first exhibitions in the 90s I have had motivation to explore it and develop it. Since then I work with the geometry in the space. Why? because I need to understand each part of the space that surrounds me.


We live in the space. We are full of the space all the time and there is space between us. When I’m doing an installation I’m trying to find something invisible in the space. Invisible but present. Something latent. Because this invisible thing is what exist between us. Is the possibility to take a part of the another person.


In many of my projects my body may or may not be present. The matter postulates a structural tension within the institutions and in the other hand also the breaking of it. So the materiality in all your expressions interests me.


So, how are we connected? How much do we need each other? the space, the nature, the earth are where we are on. They are the possibility of to be connected. When the spectator is no longer this and he becomes an artist. Together we elaborate a social interaction with the purpose of an artwork.


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