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Performance / Installation


Stone suit / Silver elastic bands

Variable dimensions

The Bronx Museum of The Arts

Bronx / New York


WAVE MOTION is the title of the performance I presented at The Bronx Museum of The Arts, during the Second Bienal of Bronx’s Latinamerican Art.


In this performance, I was dressed up with a suit made of transparent acrylics. While wearing this suit I was holding a bunch of silver elastics tighened up from the windows of the museum. On my back there was a piece of the wall from the Yankees’s former stadium. For the Americans, yankees were the soldiers or, in general terms, the inhabitants of the US Northern States. We, foreigners, associate the concept of “yankees” with American or  US idiosincrasy.


Having that piece of wall, a vivid reference of “America”, as a backcloth, and bearing in mind the theme of the Biennal, “exodus”, I proposed the idea of rupture, resistance of belongings, from a place and from the matter.


By tearing off the elastics from the windows, I do not mean the transport or motion of the matter from one point to another, rather a sense of perturbartion. That piece of wall, a very strong representation of the “American way of Life”, means something different in the Bronx, where many latinamericans look for a place or a way to establish a project of life.

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