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Duration: 1 hour

Elastics band 

Camera: Abdulvehap Erboga

Hacettepe University / Ankara / Turkey

July 2018  

The happening was on July 18th 2018 part of Consortium for Research in Political Theory (CRIPT) an international network of joint research and education in humanities and social sciences with a specific interest in innovation in political theory and practice.  


The project Measure of Balance is a happening that involves the construction of a structure, from the location of 100 persons in a concentric way. In it I traced with elastics threads a plot that them I join one one, to create a geometric volumetry across the tension and balance.


Is the construction of a system that across the balance, is established as a machine that necessarily needs the other one to exist . It is also to place the bodies as joints for the possible organic movement between component parts. It is an apparent harmony between the reality and the Utopia, between the earthly thing and the pure geometry.


Measure of Balance suggests that: tension is balance and vice versa. Was interesting to carry out this work in this context, due to the fact that different cultures and societies are constantly, consciously or unconsciously facing, to live in community. All the approached topics are related -in some way- to the interaction between people from the need to share with other one until the need to depend on the other one.

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