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Duration: 1 hour

Elastics band 

Camera: Josefina Bardi / Nicolas Morrison

National Center of Contemporary Art Cerrillos / Santiago / Chile

August 2019  

The project Measures of relationships consists in relating the collective performance with the construction of a structure based on the location of the participants - spectators in the space.


The idea is to reverse the roles between spectator and artistic piece. To develop together with the audience a linear structure in space, marking the measures and dimensions there of, thus manifesting the ways of how we relate, both hierarchically, and in a single body that is capable of transforming and relating through movement and the balance.


Different cultures and societies are constantly, consciously or unconsciously, facing living in a temporary community. The need to share, the need to relate. Could be the balance and the measure a new way in which part of human relationships will unfold?

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