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Duration: 1 hour

Elastics band 

Camera: Berkay Altunbas

Hacettepe University / Ankara / Turkey

July 2019  

Measures of a Desire consists in the construction of a woven structure made of 500 meters of elastic bands involving the participation of 24 individuals, transforming the landscape of Hacettepe University in a flow of tension.


From the landscape fragmentation, I used a tree as central axis to support and tension the space. The overlapping weaves marked a path, a measure.


¿Which is the space that define our boundaries? Space tells a lot about ourselves and our own time. Thereby, in the empty space and it’s memory, the contradictions of our society are condensed. That’s why we need to understand each part of the space that surrounds us, like an engine of desire that move us to answer or demonstrate what do we mean to our own existence.


We all live in space, we are surrounded by this space all the time and there is space between us. The comprehension of it, gives us the chance of being part of others. 


Measures of a desire invite us to reflect about our seeming boundaries, it grant us the opportunity to expand and understand ourselves. Flowing from the tree, the tensioned threads will reveal an expansion. These tension complexed the manifestation of this place in it’s magnity, like in it’s history, therefore ourselves.


My way of reaching the world is by measuring the space that surrouds me. This is the way in which I construct the relation with others. The communication problem remains in the way we socialice. Reaching an agreement implies the entrance into a space different from yours.

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