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Duration: 1 hour

Elastics band 

Cameras: Margarita Rodríguez / Leonyza  

Chañillao / Vicente Fuenzalida

Rio de Janeiro Square  / Santiago / Chile 

January 2018

Motionless in War / Still in War

A performance in Rio de Janeiro Square 


Caught in a trap, my body lies in a random place and it is the current matter that makes the space tense, makes the nature tense. This tension of wishing to to remain/exist in just one place. Without noticing, I become into a warrior who resists time… I exist and I am born simultaneously.


Living in our world is resisting to become ourselves, matter prevails over subsistence.


In this act there are breathing bodies attached as if they were mutually trapped and connected. The multiple appearance comes alongside the landscape and diverse objects such as trees, lanterns and my own body. Everything differs and this is attributed to our own perceptions / dimensions.


In order to try to leave for a while the resistance of our existence we must recognise ourself as current and multiple bodies, like a landscape that fight to itself. We are one… we are multiple.

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