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Duration: 1 hour

Fabric of silvery elastics / Sound of satellites / Video 

Cameras: Marie Carlsson / Samuel Domínguez / Daniela Domínguez / Paz Sandoval / Gonzalo Zúñiga

Cima Gallery / Santiago / Chile 

June 2017


By Marie Carlsson

How many times we have raised our eyes trying to unravel the mysteries of the universe, where an endless number of elements, actions and reactions coexist. If we translate this aspects to our human condition, we realise that human bodies poses their own space/universe, holding similar elements, actions and emotions. 


Each one of us is a Pandora's box: entities who carry our own context, defining us as unique, full of mysteries collected throughout our existence that sometimes can be incomprehensible even for ourselves. 


Therefore, we must be able to understand we belong to a system where different realities coexist simultaneously. How to deal with what everything we have been forced to carry? Sebastian Mahaluf has been a catalyst for these questions and his late production leads us to examine our actions towards others and towards our surroundings.


In his psychoanalytic theory, Lacan states that the human condition is subjected to an eternal suffering: Real facts. He claims that this unrepresentable reality personalises us, makes us unique and different to others but we cannot specifically describe how. Hence, that is the trap: everything in the universe we cannot escape from. All our questions should be asked to the universe, but will we receive any answer? 


Let's consider this performance is a catalytic act, using the artist's body as a mechanism of execution: Art (symbolic) as a connecting role between reality (imaginary) and the transcendental humanity issues (real). While this master piece is part of a specific context, in its approach addresses contingent issues, not only from an artistic point of view but from a globalised society that requires self-reflection.

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