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Silver plated elastic

Variable dimensions

Platform China Contemporary Art Institute

Beijing / China


Stimulating the transformation of matter. According to Newton's First Law, or Law of Inertia, an object remains still or moves at a constant velocity unless an external force is applied upon it changing its speed or its direction. This is an ideal situation since a motion which is uniform and rectilinear is very difficult to find.


In the gallery of the Contemporary Art Institute, Platform China, in Beijing I did an installation of silver elastic bands arrayed obliquely from walls to floor, creating hundreds of triangles integrated into the architecture. Triangle is the geometric shape that I use for measurement and space defragmentation. I transformed the angles of two rooms along their full extension, which means, a virtual and illusory displacement of its geometry.


In "Triangle: position, displacement and distance," the motion is not uniform. The tension of the elastic bands suggests a curve in each line, and also in the whole artwork. Therefore the change of matter is permanent. Lines are not straight, curves are not curved. This installation allows me to continue developing one of my lines of research: the relation between space and geometry.


The rationalization in the construction of the project made the space measurable and intangible. The illusion of motion and laxity of the lines stimulate permanently a change of the matter, creating therefore an instability in geometry.

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