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5.000 meters of golden elastic threads

Variable dimensions

Balmaceda 1215 Gallery

Santiago / Chile


It in center he placed a golden bucket. -You- he said with smoothness -get closer-. With visible attitude of astonishment he raises of his seat and get approached .He gave the golden bucket to him. The man took it with surprise and began to observe it. In the short while he perceived certain cuts in two of its faces, took the two compact parts and very instinctively, he broke the object getting with a white rind in each hand. Then it is demonstrated one of the systems contained in Descriptive Geometry, to solve the problems of the geometry of space: the skyline, or, the waterline. This one separates what it is seen of which exists hidden. The unit of the separated thing appears to us like an indivisible totality. The skyline proposes a geometry to us of the space by means a fiction, in where the horizon, penetrated vertically by the sense, is useless and it is transparent.

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