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10.000 meters of white elastic

Variable dimensions


Santiago / Chile

December 2004

Precisely, the politics of what is possible is the point in question in MNEMONICA to be emptied of its contextual sense; it supposes the detachment of sense reproduced as reality. The operations are then going to be subjected to every kind of trial for the articulation of politics. To this end Sebastián Mahaluf reutilizes the remains of “Nodo/Node” (FALSO, CCE, December 2004), this is, the distension to confer the work a character of in-process, in the way of the “duchampian cases” (sans the objectual minimization). Kilometers of tense rubber, now the loose shreds of a work with an implicit performativity: When is rubber really elastic? When does it stretch in or out? In “Node” Mahaluf presented the exhaustion of the maximum tension: to virtually bring with itself the centripetal and centrifugal downfall of an old and rigid space.


*Extract text from "Stale bread crusts" by Juan Francisco Garate

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