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Duration / 2 hours

Elastic bands / Blue chalk 

Bronx Museum / New York 

November 2016

Where are the things? One inside the other? Things, bodies, matter, beings. They all belong to one another. 


To draft the state of the things containing each other as a principle, would mean to construct a plane to sustain them. That supporting plane would be the landscape, the nature which in turn has an interior. This interior space is not my place. I am first a body, a matter, a being or just merely a thing. 


I try to sketch with my body and with nature an alternate interior, my interior. “I am one of those persons that…” tries to lay in a particular place, within my immediate limit which wraps me, my own body, my skin. The closest to my own space beats. However, it is a place that fluctuates, that breaths, that moves with the earth and by itself. 


Two points and I. The earth, the sky and my body like a place projected in a geometrized interval like the numerical state of a preceding movement. Now it is a permanent and constant movement. My body beats between the sky and the earth in a place both inside and outside. In my own body. 

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