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Video  / Performance 

7' 2''

Cameras: Camila Téllez / Myriam Petralanda

La Sierra / Spain 

August 2016

I am earth. I am a line. A possibility to construct a place where I can situate myself through the relation with other bodies, the ones that surrounds me. An attempt to dimensionate the space-place with Aristotele's definition: "the immediate and immobile limit of the surrounding"; what surrounds us, our culture, what allows us to be communion. 


A dot on a plane is nothing more than a dot. Two dots constructs a line, and three of them constructs a plane. From three we can think about support, a foundation, a plane. Triangulation manifests this way.


I am earth. I am a line. I am a plane. My body moves over earth`s horizontality, it moves through the wind. My body connects as a line to another vertical line, as a support for the sky.


I am a dot supported by the sky and earth.

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