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Video Performance

Red veil / Stone suit

Cameras: Samuel Domínguez

Santiago / Chile

May 2020

-It is usually manifested by the inclination of the trees and posts, the sliding of roads and railways and the appearance of cracks-


We crawl, we slide. We move slowly and carefully. Relationships change. Everything that surrounds us determines us in an incessant, persistent and uninterrupted continuum. What is left from these experiences? Is it possible to stay in a certain context and time? A brand that can last a long time or forever?


This is how we build ourselves, based on our relationships. In this project I try to show how I relate to here and now so that it can be observed from another place.


My way of reaching the world is by measuring the space around me. This is how I build relationships with others. The problem of communication is the way we socialise. Reaching agreements means entering a different space than yours.


We are an engine of desire. We move to respond, demonstrate and resist. Creep raises the possibility of recognising ourselves in a vulnerable place, and at the same time in a place of care and essence. We desire, suffer and connect with one another.

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