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Video Performance

Santiago / Chile

September 2020

In Compression, the relationship with experience changes. Other bodies aren’t considered in the performance act. Is my body, space, time and the lens, as a window to connect with others.


Digitization becomes the way to connect with concentration, condensation, compaction, crushing, etc. Therefore, the present body is the motor and executor of matters.


Light body: is where I hold a bouquet of black lights with my hands. Is my identity which projects towards the camera. There are also hatches drawn which shows my pulse. With the lights, I make movements to discover the hatches, and at the same time they began to blur. Tension body: there are elastic lines joined between the plane and my mouth. I move slowly looking the center of the frame. Finally, there’s the imprint body: oil dripping over the plane. I rub my face over the oil, changing the rhythm of the scenes and marking part of my body. These three acts are intertwined through vibrational sound fields.


Compression project proposes three states: light body, tension body and imprint body. 

Each of them manifests themselves as signs of the force we exert against the fact of existing. Going forward means to compress spaces. In this sense, everything that we have experienced, in a global and particular way in our country, is related with the idea of recognizing and compressing ourselves for a later expansion. Therefore, supposes a critical moment, which is hopeful at the same time. What collapsed, what felled, condensed into social forces. From this point, reborn the possibility to grow and move forward into new spaces. Is like taking out the essence and recognizing it. There are no limits but entrances, from a crush towards the essence.


When we are able to perceive the transformation in our environment and ourselves, we begin to look deeply, becoming aware of the relationships we establish with the world. We begin to expand.


In Compression, my processes have been transformed as well. I tried to connect with my essence. Unlike previous projects, it has meant to rediscover myself from another place, from the inside to the outside.


I think about emotions and the relationships we can establish with them. Trying to allow the natural flow of things and respecting our essence, will allow us to rediscover the presence of ourselves in others. Latencies as engines of desires, leaving traces in our existence.

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