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Installation / Site-specific

7000 meters of elastic threads / cotton fabrics

Tulli-ja Pakkahuonella

Helsinki / Finland

September 2012


The project FLOWING OF TENSION consisted of an installation made with cotton fabrics stamped with straight lines and elastic bands covering the interior and the exterior of the old customs warehouse (Tulli- ja Pakkahuon) in Helsinki, Finland.


The ground floor pillars were dressed in a fabric to cover and protect them, so that from there like an epidermis, elastic bands was extended to the next floor, across the whole of the building and then they exited through the windows. All the elastic bands got a point; the point of the flagpole.


In other words FLOWING OF TENSION was pull out from the depths of the place all the tension of its foundation outward, towards the origin. They was intersections of tension and movement seeking to unearth and to connect part of a story, probably to understand what separate us from each other.


In FLOWING OF TENSION the geometry was tacit, was a body, was past, it was life. The action was the movement, tension and the encounter. 

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