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Happening / Durational

Scaffoldings / church pews / 1000 meters of elastic threads / cotton fabrics

Baco Gallery

Batuco, Chile

Photos: Matias Osorio

May – June 2013


STATIC FRICTION was a project based on the construction of a structure inside Batuco´s chapel. Twelve scaffoldings surrounded by 16 benches belonging to the church plus 40 people, 20 in and 20 out of the chapel.


The scaffoldings were covered by semi-translucid fabric. Twenty people, handling balls of elastic bands were placed inside the scaffolding. The other half were seated on the benches. From within the chapel people started to pass on the elastic bands to the exterior. People outside recived the bands pulling them around the benches. This exercises created a geometric body combined volume, tension, strenght and equilibrium.


People seated on the benches were prompted to pull the elasctic bands heavily, making the translucid fabrics from the scaffoldings look very tight, as if they were demanding from the other an special delivery. How do we conect with each other in a society? How big is the space that make us apart? What do we need from another to survive?


STATIC FRICTION avoid a body to move without the permission of the other, in a reflexive and meditative context, as a religious act, as a set of beliefs. The project is also the construction of a system which, through equilibrium, dialogue and strenght, represents a machinery needing explicitly from another to survive. It also represents the idea of placing bodies as articulations to allow an organic movement among the parts that belong to that machine.


STATIC FRICTION represents an apparent harmony between reality and utopy, between what is earthy vis à vis pure geometry. It represents bodies in steady comunication and equilibrium, through a geometric system.

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