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Installation / Site specific

1000 meters of white elastic bands / 24 stakes /

24 poles of the fence

Stone Warehouse

Coyhaique / Aysen / Chile

December 2013 / January 2014

The SURPLUS SPACE project consisted of a installation of 1000 meters of elastic bands, which departed from the interior of the Stone Warehouse of Industrial Society Aysen toward the outside, where they were tied to 24 stakes and 24 poles of the fence.


From inside the elastic tapes were tied to all the beams of the house emphasizing the plot of its structure. The elastics were go out, in a crisscross pattern to project over 24 points marked with stakes and to 24 fence posts. Thus, a volume and surface linked to the very geography of the place was built. Inside, the elastics were concentrated from the systematization of the structure, and outside the elastics were dispersed assuming the landscape as a support.


The territory is a mental paradigm and only one of the possibilities of interpreting reality. The existing structure is supported from this limit and at the same time makes it clear that projecting a SURPLUS SPACE.


From the inside, tension transformed the space, assuming its own emptyness. The landscape was who held the structure from equidistant points, which made it the support itself.


In other words, SURPLUS SPACE, is to extract from the bowels of the place all the existing tension in its interior to return it to the origin. They are intersections of tension and displacement, intending to dig up and join part of a story, perhaps to understand what separates us from the others.


In SURPLUS SPACE geometry is tacit, is a body, it is past, it is a  life. The action is the movement, tension and encounter. The construction is the exercise that takes more time. It requires analysis and measurement. It is almost like a state of meditation in ongoing process, which requires to verify the time. This one will be in charge of leaving the tracks and marks in the space. It is time, finally, who builds and destroys.

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