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500 meters of elastic bands / 2 hours

Photos: Nestor Armando Gil

Green Park / London

September 2014

The project UNDER MEASURE was to build a frame of elastics, from the location of 13 trees in a circle in Green Park, London. From them appeared the geometry that was hidden in the landscape. Then I took the elastic tapes with my hands from the center to transform the geometry in tension. Slowly, once my body lost its balance and endurance, were released and returned to their initial state.


My body in tension with the landscape is the primitive relation to the subject. UNDER MEASURE allows me to establish a dialogue with a part of the history, through the tension and balance. In this context, in the depths of the ground, history is registered as a fossil, or as a swampy burial of sick, or a dance of light and song. The roots of these trees are connected with the underground, and they are arranged in a circle at the same time due to the reason, leaving the mark of a historic landmark.


The opposing elements, take away each other and in turn meet.This is UNDER MEASURE, oppositions and encounters, equidistant points that at different times, are building their entirety. It will be from a trench and a historical place, where life was celebrated and scorned that this round of trees will transform the landscape from its own tension and distance.

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