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Installation / Site-specific

Orange and blue elastic threads

15 mts x 25 mts x 5.10 mts

Patricia Ready Gallery

Santiago / Chile

Photos: Matías Osorio

July 2012


TENSORIAL was an art installation made of 2.000 mts. of elastic threads setting up a construction of triangles by opposing tension forces.


As a whole, the triangles created the illusion of a versatile and a fragile space. In other words, it was a field of tension points that projected different directions multilinearly through the space. The magnitude of the place determinate the different levels of tension.


The relation of these two contained forces was projected by two opposite colours to stress the immateriality of the space. TENSORIAL is a summation of nodes that underline the need to understand the magnitude of the space in an illusory way.


TENSORIAL is a fractal synthesis of understanding a foreign but at the same time desired space. Only bodies with force enough can maintain the necessary tension to build an organic space without limits where the linear trajectory encases the opposite directions, delivering a vital conjunction to understand the order.

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