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Happening / Durational

Silver plated elastic / Light / Plastic stone shoe

Tajamar  Gallery

Santiago / Chile

Photos: Matías Osorio

June 2012


The project GRAVITATIONAL FIELD consisted of 50 people standing inside the Tajamar Gallery, where my body laid down marking with my head the central axis of the structure of the Gallery.


Later on the participants, one by one, took the elastic tapes that were arranged between the large windows, hooking them in my mouth in order to tighten the space with the symmetrically preconceived structure. Then they went outside and visualized my body bound and fused into the space.


Outside, a woven elastic bed made of residues of my previous works was extended,

in order that my body, at the minute that the action demanded, rested on it and it was moved outside the Tajamar Gallery.


GRAVITATIONAL FIELD suggests an order, a conjunction of forces that interpret the yearning of gravity. My body hangs of the structure like a mass, tightening and reconstructing the place thanks to the interaction with other bodies, as witnesses, at the same time, of an illusion that demonstrates the crisis of our reality. Thus the natural trend to the expansion is sustainable for the surrounding bodies, otherwise it is not possible to manage such forces.

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