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Happening / Durational

1.000 meters of white elastic ribbons.

Location: exterior space of the cemetery, Villasor, province of Cagliari / Sardinia / Italy

Photos: Bojana Bo Panveska
December 2011

ATMOSPHERE consisted of building a quadrant from the location of 24 persons in its diameter, in the exterior space of the cemetery. In it, I traced a plot with white elastic tapes that joined one by one the people constructing a geometric and symmetrical plane as part of the structure.


Afterwards, 24 people started to tighten the elastic from the diameter to the outside, tripling the geometric plane in an exercising of balance, resitance and strength.


This generated a whole field of war between the reality and the utopia, between the earthly and the pure geometry. Subsequently, from the center of the building, in a meditative act I was under the elastic until I detected the moment of the balance.


Just then, I rised up and cut off the central intersection of the quadrant and invited the public to cut the rest up to release 24 people sustaining the plane.


ATMOSPHERE consists of the alignment of a community, of a society in the need of expansion and recognition of the others. They are bodies in communication and balance, through a geometrical system.

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