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Site-specific / Installation

Fluorescent orange elastic

18.60 mts x 15 mts x 28 mts

La fabrique

Nantes / France


Suspended Reality. Reinventing space, through the use of the same.


My interest is focused on the study of geometry as a way to understand the reality, its form and materiality. For this reason I approach in my work the concepts of materiality, unmateriality, geometry, time, etc


Suspended Reality consists in the intervention of a new hangar at La Fabrique artistic laboratory in Nantes, France. It is a construction with elastic threads that replicates in a reversed way the lattice structure of the already existing trusses.


From a typical element of the architecture, where each truss combined was built to withstand the loads acting on the plane, in Suspended Reality the relationship is reversed, i.e. is the plane which articulates and supports the weight of the matter.


Thus the stable, which holds and supports the matter, becomes unstable and transforms in a new structure. Hangar trusses no longer support the same weight, but remain suspended in the time becoming a new object, assuming the vulnerability of his character of protection, security, refuge and power. The suspension of the matter supposes a change of pace in the time of our reality.


Due to the magnitude of the place I use a fluorescent elastic thread, allowing me to flatten the space and address it in a two-dimensional way.


Suspended Reality seeks to retain the immensity of the form and it apparent materiality.

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