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Cameras: Alejandro Valenzuela - Raimundo Edwards

Deformes, Triennial of International Performance Art, Santiago, Chile. 

November 2021

The main object of this performance is to address the concepts of relationship and transformation, starting from the body. One assumption would be that the communication problem is the way we socialize, so that reaching agreements would mean entering a space different from yours.


Always will be changing ourselves internally and externally through experience, experiences that transcend the material, then we could distinguish that the relationships and transformations between immaterial bodies and physical bodies have to do with the space that limits us.


But, how can we propose an alignment of our community, of a society? Will it be through the need for expansion and recognition of the other?


We live in space, we are surrounded by space all the time and there is space between us. We could think that understanding it gives us the possibility of being part of the other. In other words, what apparently limits us, gives us the possibility to expand and understand ourselves.


My proposal is an exercise in displaying the contained space through the bodies, taking them as a unit of measurement, with the aim of sizing the void, for this reason the use of performance, which supposes, not only the considerations of a social art, if not that significantly re-articulates spaces and objects.

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