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500 meters of elastic bands / 2 hours

Photos: Fernanda Maturana / Joaquin Margulis / Josefina Herrera

Ines de Suarez square

Santiago / Chile

November 2015

Although it's a foretold disaster, containment is on the edge, overflowing is imminent.


I want to build a story from inert bodies, from defeat, from the mass. Like walking and fighting at the same time arriving to an end. We're all participants, as spectator judges and as present fighters.


We tend to think that we are the center, but we aren't. Moreover, we are perimeter, we are that which concerns movement, because only by asking about the difficulties of facing continuous movement, we transform into rocks, in tectonic plates that after a while and because of pressure, they move. What a contradiction, from periphery to rocks. Our being is heavy, our existence is heavy.


The project Edges of an Emptiness, was a collective performance at Parque Inés de Suarez, it intended to propose the body as inert matter and at the same time, living in relation to the space. Through the placement of 50 volunteers, an irregular plot was built, relocating the tensions points within the landscape.


For the first stage, each participant will receive 10 meters of elastic band in order to determine the area they will be occupying in the landscape. Then, they will have to tie one end of the band on their heads and the other end will be tied in their right arms. Later, every participant will have to move to a quadrant to lie their bodies down and they will build a connecting line between their bodies and the landscape.


In Edges of an Emptiness, the experience is turned into players and the viewers are turned into art. This will be an exercise of content space deployment, through the current players, taking them as a measurement unit in order to gauge the gap and to reverse the institutional policy of engagement between the viewers and the art work in museums or galleries.

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