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Site-specific / Installation

Silver elastic bands / Silicone threads

Variable dimensions

AC Institute

New York


"Gravity, inversion of the matter" was showed on june 30th 2011 at the AC Institute, in New York.


With an installation of silver elastic bands and silicone threads, I continue developing my line of research on the characteristics of the spaces. In "Gravity, inversion of the matter" I construct from silver elastic rubber bands hanging from the ceiling beams, triangles that in their totality constitute an inverted volumetric structure. The beams of the room of exhibition will transform into the support and foundation of the work.


This construction is understood as an inverted architectural element, like our capitalist social structure, and understood as a space of protection which is vulnerable at the thought of the possibility of its non-existence or in the complete loss of all in the vertigo that implies the inversion of the matter.


In my work I reflect on the relationships between societies and the world, between objects and space. In this way, I find a treatment to approach all things that surround me: geometry and its relationship to the body and the objects. In both elements, I look to focus my work on simple or pure geometry, to demonstrate in the experience the ephemeral objectivity of artistic production.

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